Monday, 5 September 2016

Endangered lives

         Endangered Lives
          Last Sunday, I was at a flea market and I saw fur coats and horns being sold in one of the shops, and there was a sign and it said “Fresh tiger coats”. It kept me thinking  why nobody is doing anything about it . When I got home I felt kind of sad so I googled about endangered animals and it came up with  a picture of two things a black rhino and an Amur leopard, for your information black rhinos lives in Eastern and Southern Africa and an Amur leopard lives in Far Eastern Russia, there  are also many more of these animals which sadly are considered critically endangered.

There are different reasons for their extinction, one of which is habitat changes. Due to lack of resources like water and food as a result of global warming, it dries up water resources and with not enough water in the soil plants can't grow and if you must know rhinos are vegetarians. Alternatively, to have some food they are forced to leave their home to look in other places which may put them in danger. 

The next threat that put our animal species endangered is hunting. For example, rhinos horns are being sold for medications  and some just keeps it for trophies. In addition, animals like crocodile, tigers and pandas are being killed for fashion, their fur and skin are used to make the accessories  that some people used and wear today. On a different note,it's not just hunting that kills animals. Underground animal fights that make them fight to death and illegal races wherein they make them compete to win money, usually the losers get killed because there are no rules.In the near future, this could be the reason why the population of common animals like dogs and cats might decline .

I want to share a story about a video that  I found in the internet, a guy in his mid 30s hunting lions in Africa it was really sad because evan though they know what they're doing is wrong they are  still proud of it. Also, we were watching news and  one of the headlines was pictures of hunters with their trophies.Mom said it was terrible and I said nothing but I really felt bad. just a fun fact for everybody according  to national geographic approximately there are 600 lions  being killed every year on trophy hunts.

Before, I end this speech I would like to give you a challenge. As the future of this generation how can you help the prevention of animal extinctions? We can ask our parents to stop buying clothes and accessories that are made from animals. If people will stop patronizing goods made from animal skins and fur the hunters will have less reason to hunt. The most simple and most helpful thing that we can do right now is stop littering. If we litter there's a chance that a bird or a dog can eat it and die, in the ocean we can kill fish or their habitat will be destroyed. So please lets help each other to make sure that the animal populations will survive for our children.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Camp experience

Camp experience 
This is a story of pain and horror and blood. Games are meant to be fun and happy but the most dangerous of all  games  was spotlight. We started  out  fine everyone started laughing and hiding and  there's chairs that we can hide in. We were trying to get to the playground where all the kids tried catch other kids. When we played the game I was running like crazy all the lights make it look like a prison escape. I was the prisoner and the playgrounds were the gates to freedom. The first person to  have an accident was a girl named lulu she was so close to the freedom until she fell over the wooden ramp and hurt herself pretty badly and then she was drag back to prison. Next a girl named Megan tripped  over gravel and got gravel inside her knee it was gruesome and gross. Next was a boy named Sairusi  he greased his ankle pretty badly. Then we got people  tripping over trees and  bushes. But they did recover quick and I did make it. As soon the game was over the memory's we had of blood and pain was stuck forever!!!!!!. 

I think I'm going well on my writing because  I'm comparing the situation to others  to help connect  my read  to make it more interesting and my next step to writing is to put full stops in right place and  fix capital letters.




Thursday, 9 June 2016

Term 1 reflection

Term 1 Reflection 
In term one we were working  on something called beat and thanks to Jono we were able to learn about it.I struggled to keep my timing perfect in my performance when I was next.  I always did the timing wrong but I practised and practised until I got it right . My highlight  was having some fun with my friends by rehearsing our performance and I also like the time when Jono came. I  enjoying his drumming. My role in our  performance ls helping  and listening to our group leader. 

I think on the solo rubric for term 1 I put myself at multi structural because… I know lots of things about beat  such as where to find beat like festival and concerts.  My next step is to gain a better understanding of beat.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

     Special place

The comfy bed smooth  and soft, nice and relaxing .
The paper and pencil help me relax, drawing and is all I need.
The playful  ps4 takes me to a new world
The amusingly iPad, so entertaining help me with my animation.
The flat tv entertaining me and my  thoughts 
The best of them all is my pranking  kit.  it farts all day and it makes me  hear scary sounds all night.   

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Discovery time reflection

Today at discovery time I was at the classroom with my group  we were making Heller’s  banner for cross country. Macro and I were doing the drawings and I was also asked to write  the letters.

and being a helper for the group and making sure that everything all good.

The strategy that I used was to listen to the teachers while they were giving me advices and instructions about how to draw the letters and  how big they should be. I stayed on task,cooperated with the group and suggested a few things  that will make the project better.  my struggle Was with the letters  getting them to the same height was challenged for me but managed to do it .

Next discovery time I will help more 
and do better when it comes to this.

Overall I hard time making the banner but with help of my friend I   Was able to do it.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Pop corn extremeπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Popcorn  extreme⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
I smelt a buttery scent entering my nose - it smelt so nice. I saw popcorn  bursting out of the  popcorn machine like lava erupting from a volcano. Kids  tried to catch the yummy popcorn. I heard  popping  from the popcorn machine and crunching from kids who were eating popcorn.   Hearing kids eat was so tempting. I got my popcorn and it tasted so crunchy and yummy - it was like popcorn heaven. As soon as I  bit my first piece of popcorn it was like I won a million dollars.


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Clothes try out

Clothes try outs

We  were at the mall. I was groaning. Every step to the mall. I begged my mum if we could go next week but she said it will be fun.

To be honest I actually liked going to the mall except we weren't going to buy toys or food, we were we're going for clothes.  

Every time we shop for clothes it takes hours before we're done. As soon as we went to the clothes centre  I was thinking of an excuse but before  I could think of one, I saw Mum with tons of clothes. I was pretending to be happy but my mind was frozen as ice. I could not tell you how long it took because it was hours and hours.

As soon I went out of the dressing room I saw something. It was big. It was bad. It was pants - an army of pants. I was frozen like a caveman, from thousand of years ago. My mum wanted me to try out every, single pants.  I was  groaning even louder.

A few hours later, my legs were so tired I felt I was an old, old grandpa who couldn't even walk. I sat down the on green leather sofa while mum buys the clothes. When I was home I was so happy.