Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Clothes try out

Clothes try outs

We  were at the mall. I was groaning. Every step to the mall. I begged my mum if we could go next week but she said it will be fun.

To be honest I actually liked going to the mall except we weren't going to buy toys or food, we were we're going for clothes.  

Every time we shop for clothes it takes hours before we're done. As soon as we went to the clothes centre  I was thinking of an excuse but before  I could think of one, I saw Mum with tons of clothes. I was pretending to be happy but my mind was frozen as ice. I could not tell you how long it took because it was hours and hours.

As soon I went out of the dressing room I saw something. It was big. It was bad. It was pants - an army of pants. I was frozen like a caveman, from thousand of years ago. My mum wanted me to try out every, single pants.  I was  groaning even louder.

A few hours later, my legs were so tired I felt I was an old, old grandpa who couldn't even walk. I sat down the on green leather sofa while mum buys the clothes. When I was home I was so happy.


  1. Oh dear! Sounds like it was a long day for you John. Luckily you will not have to go for a while now! I really like how you talked about groaning right at the very start of your writing and then in the 4th paragraph you said the you were groaning even louder. It just added to the effect of the groaning! Well done. Miss D :)

  2. Hahaha. I didn't know that you feel that way. That's not all the time though. Hahaha.