Thursday, 14 April 2016

Discovery time reflection

Today at discovery time I was at the classroom with my group  we were making Heller’s  banner for cross country. Macro and I were doing the drawings and I was also asked to write  the letters.

and being a helper for the group and making sure that everything all good.

The strategy that I used was to listen to the teachers while they were giving me advices and instructions about how to draw the letters and  how big they should be. I stayed on task,cooperated with the group and suggested a few things  that will make the project better.  my struggle Was with the letters  getting them to the same height was challenged for me but managed to do it .

Next discovery time I will help more 
and do better when it comes to this.

Overall I hard time making the banner but with help of my friend I   Was able to do it.

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  1. John - I enjoyed reading the things that you enjoyed at DT and also the learning you did. Remember these strategies for learning for next time. Kiri