Monday, 5 September 2016

Endangered lives

         Endangered Lives
          Last Sunday, I was at a flea market and I saw fur coats and horns being sold in one of the shops, and there was a sign and it said “Fresh tiger coats”. It kept me thinking  why nobody is doing anything about it . When I got home I felt kind of sad so I googled about endangered animals and it came up with  a picture of two things a black rhino and an Amur leopard, for your information black rhinos lives in Eastern and Southern Africa and an Amur leopard lives in Far Eastern Russia, there  are also many more of these animals which sadly are considered critically endangered.

There are different reasons for their extinction, one of which is habitat changes. Due to lack of resources like water and food as a result of global warming, it dries up water resources and with not enough water in the soil plants can't grow and if you must know rhinos are vegetarians. Alternatively, to have some food they are forced to leave their home to look in other places which may put them in danger. 

The next threat that put our animal species endangered is hunting. For example, rhinos horns are being sold for medications  and some just keeps it for trophies. In addition, animals like crocodile, tigers and pandas are being killed for fashion, their fur and skin are used to make the accessories  that some people used and wear today. On a different note,it's not just hunting that kills animals. Underground animal fights that make them fight to death and illegal races wherein they make them compete to win money, usually the losers get killed because there are no rules.In the near future, this could be the reason why the population of common animals like dogs and cats might decline .

I want to share a story about a video that  I found in the internet, a guy in his mid 30s hunting lions in Africa it was really sad because evan though they know what they're doing is wrong they are  still proud of it. Also, we were watching news and  one of the headlines was pictures of hunters with their trophies.Mom said it was terrible and I said nothing but I really felt bad. just a fun fact for everybody according  to national geographic approximately there are 600 lions  being killed every year on trophy hunts.

Before, I end this speech I would like to give you a challenge. As the future of this generation how can you help the prevention of animal extinctions? We can ask our parents to stop buying clothes and accessories that are made from animals. If people will stop patronizing goods made from animal skins and fur the hunters will have less reason to hunt. The most simple and most helpful thing that we can do right now is stop littering. If we litter there's a chance that a bird or a dog can eat it and die, in the ocean we can kill fish or their habitat will be destroyed. So please lets help each other to make sure that the animal populations will survive for our children.

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